Open Letter to Bryan Lourd

"Dear Bryan,

My name is Abigail Noël, and I am accusing you of being responsible for the murder of Robin Williams. The legal terminology is Facilitation of murder."

Dear Bryan, 

My name is Abigail Noël, and I am accusing you of being responsible for the Murder of Robin Williams.  The legal terminology is Facilitation of Murder And, Bryan, murder is not all I am accusing you of.  in addition to murder, I am shown that you are also responsible for acts of extortion, coercion, blackmail, larceny, theft, pedophilia , possible "laundering" and I am sure there is more.   Sounds like business as usual in Hollywood, doesn't it Bryan? It may be business as usual for some of you in the industry, but I believe that God is going to make an example out of you sir. God tells me that you are one of the worst tyrants that hollywood's history has seen.  


And I KNOW without doubt that you are the facilitator for the MURDER of Robin Williams.  You are guilty of far more than just his death, but God likes to deal with one thing at a time and you sir, will pay first for what you did to Robin.

Bryan, I have spoken to "dead people" my entire life and I have worked professionally as a prophetic therapist for over 11 years in private practice. I am almost better at communication with Spirit than I am with those still in their bodies, and for the record, I am the most accurate Evidential Medium to ever be documented.  In addition, I have worked mostly heavy trauma cases, murder, suicide, overdose, sudden death, accidents, etc...

With that said, as a therapist, one of the first things I noticed about Robin's energy after death was that it did not feel like a suicide, it felt like murder. When I asked Robin about this, he explained that "he was tired of giving good money to bad people."  He went on to explain that he had left his long time agent because of this and when he left he knew that he was "marked".

He also explained that he wasn't as afraid for his safety as he was for the safety of his family, especially that of his daughter Zelda, his FirstBorn.  He showed me a sock full of watches and a three million dollar payment that had to be made for her safety... and for her position in Hollywood.


He explained that suicide was the only way. Robin wasn't going to "go down as just another overdose."   Robin had fought too hard during his life to break those chains of addiction. A battle that he was not afraid to share with the public.  He told me that he wasn't able to commit the act on his own. He first tried to slit his wrists, but he couldn't stand the sight of all the blood and he was worried that bleeding out would take so long that he would  "chicken out".  For the safety of his family, he knew that it had to be done.  Robin asked for what is called an assisted suicide.The illuminati is gracious enough to offer several "exit plans".


It wasn't hard to identify you as the primary facilitator in this case. I could have relied solely on the internet... but that is not how I operate. Bryan, I am so completely, without doubt, convinced of your guilt that I have zero issue making this as public as I possibly can, and that is just what I and this ministry will continue to do.


I am also claiming that CAA held a life insurance policy on Robin Williams and that you benefited monetarily from that policy.  In fact, it is my belief that that policy was  renewed right around the time of Robin's departure from CAA in September of 2011.


As you are already aware,  I have been publicly accusing you of the Murder of Robin Williams and other heinous crimes for over two years now.  I am not the only person who is aware of this Truth, who you are, and how you operate. The ministry (JProject/Justice4Prince) and I will not stop until we will see you incarcerated...  if someone doesn't "take you out' first.


So far, we have hung 10 foot banners off I405 & the Sunset bridge, hand delivered flyers of Truth to every home on Broad Beach, displayed our Wanted poster with your face on it regularly in Malibu along the PCH, and I talk about you on live media as often as I can... Oh yes, and let's not forget the Justice4Robin rally taking place  July 21 and  22, when we will be at CAA's LosAngeles headquarters and your home office. I don't think you will be able to get CalTrans to rip our banners off the sidewalk.  We have a first amendment right to free speech and we are going to exercise it.


You do however, have the right to sue me and the ministry for slander if you choose.  So far, we haven't heard a peep out of you... Why Bry???   IF you are innocent.... why don't you sue me for slander?


I will not stop. We will not stop.  You see Bryan, what you are now dealing with is way more dangerous than you.  We are a group of people who KNOW beyond any doubt that we are walking with The Truth.  When you walk with GODLOVE&TRUTH  there is NO stopping it... or US.


Thank you for your time Bryan.  We will see you soon.

Abigail Noël, Ridiculously Accurate Evidential Medium  Who Is Accusing You of Murder and Other Heinous Crimes

Prophetic Therapist, Psychic Channel, Evidential Medium, Comedian, Activist & Mom

"I was tired of giving good money to bad people" Robin Williams own words as channeled to Abigail Noël

Robin left CAA for the second time in Sept. 2011; THIS MADE CAA & most specifically, Lourd absolutely irate. After all, they let him come back once before, and now how dare him, "bite the hands" that has been "feeding him."  Robin was dead by Aug 11, 2014; two years is the standard "wait" period before an illuminati "hit".  If you don't believe me, just Ask God. CAA & Bryan Lourd felt that Robin "owed" them... and so with his life he paid. #Justice4Robin #GodLoveTruth



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