A Psychic Account of Murder by Prophetic Channel & Evidential Medium Abigail Noël

Ive been "psychic", or more specifically, prophetic all of my life.  Walking with TheFather and J is all I know. They have been with me for as long as I have memories.


I walk a "tightrope" between this world and the next and I often feel that I am more adept at talking to people in Spirit than I am interacting with the people who are still in their bodies. I am certainly more comfortable talking with "the dead".

The Soul Essence of Robin Williams visited me for the first time in October of 2014. I was in a very dark place at that time in my life, and his Spirit lifted my soul and quite honestly Saved My Life.

Prior to his visit I hadn't given his death much "psychic thought".  The suicide "story" seemed weird, but I never felt compelled to psychically read the case. This is an important point to make, because I never "chase" a case or a Spirit. The Soul Essence of the individual must approach me first, and they must be "represented" by a fifth dimensional Guide, preferably Jesus.


 I did feel illogically deep grief and severe sadness in my soul when Robin crossed. Many around the world felt the same way. It seemed as if the whole planet was grieving the loss of Robin, and WE were. Robin touched the Hearts of more people on the planet than almost anyone in history. And certainly there is no more a Loved comedian than he.   

In late October, 2014 the Soul Essence of Robin Williams approached me and we had the first of many conversations regarding his death and the true nature of "show business".

The first thing that the therapist in me noticed, was that Robin did not carry the energy of someone who has committed suicide... not even the slightest hint of suicidal energy on this man.

In fact, the energy felt immediately nefarious when I tapped into the real cause of his death.  Fear was what I felt, lots of fear, and loss, and a sense of giving up or having to give in... an ImpossibleFight and "they" had Robin right where they wanted him, vulnerable and afraid.  

The following is a prophetic summary of the Murder of Robin Williams. This summary was extracted from numerous conversations over an 11 month period. It's important here to note, that being psychic is not about answers as much as it is about Understanding. Answers without Understanding can be chaotic and misinterpreted. To really work a case, time is needed for understanding and to develop relationship. Just as relationships are Everything to us "alive" aka "InBodyFolks", relationships and Understanding is just as important to "the dead". The better the relationship between the channel and the deceased, the better the communication.  Robin and I spent a lot of time just talking about personal things... likes and dislikes, dreams and disappointments . I really got to know Robin...  and I grew to deeply Love the person who was and Is Robin Williams. As you read this account, please Ask God to validate the details. We are all psychic/prophetic if we choose to Trust.

This is Robin's story, accurately interpreted to the very best of my prophetic  abilities...

The very first time that Robin and I spoke, I knew that it was not suicide.  When I asked him what really happened? He told me that he didn't want to talk about that yet. He said that my naive nature wasn't ready for the details, nor was I ready yet, for what I would be asked to do in order to anchor Justice4Robin.


It was several weeks before he began revealing the details of his death and only bits at a time. The first thing that Robin clearly explained, was that he had been represented by some very bad people for a very long time.  He went on to explain, that their are some very bad people, evil people in Hollywood and that you have to be very careful who you work with... certainly who you "sign" with. Robin's exact words were, "I was tired of giving good money to bad people."  Robin explained that this had been weighing heavily upon his Heart and mind. He had known how bad CAA and Bryan Lourd were for some time.  Robin said that he knew that there may be consequences to his leaving CAA (September 2020, the second exit) but that he couldn't breathe under their representation... he started to feel that he had to run regardless of the cost. Robin gave me the names Michael and Adam. He told me that they were both as "good" a guys as you can work with in Hollywood.  They don't kill people for profit. I was able to validate both names, Michael Ovitz and Adam Venit.  Robin left CAA the first time and signed with Michael Ovitz and his new agency AMG in 1999. When AMG was unsuccessful, Robin returned to CAA.  In 2011, Robin left CAA once again and signed with WME and Adam Venit. 

The next "scene" that Robin shared with me, is him receiving a letter. I believe it was hand delivered. It is a "death notice". At this time, it is explained to me that Robin was told that he would be "sacrificed" for his disloyalty... and from CAA and Bryan Lourd's distorted and evil perspective, Robin might as well have stolen by means of future profits, from the very hand, that they see as "feeding him".  To CAA and Bryan Lourd, Robin owed them and he owed them big time.

The letter gave approximately two years to get affairs sorted and say your goodbyes. The illuminati typically gives an individual a "notice" before they are sacrificed, especially if they are a celebrity. This is part of the rules... part of the honor. The illuminati suggest that you work hard and "Go Out Big"! Its better to Burn Out Than To Fade Away... PayPlayOrGoAway... This gang lives by these mottos.

This letter also gave some conditions to his crossing. Complete silence from him and from his family members. Robin's LovedOnes were threatened if he did not comply with the "manipulated suicide".  Robin was made to pay what I believe was 3million dollars cash for his daughter Zelda's safety and "place" in Hollywood. (notice that Zelda is now directing films!?!?  and started right after the murder of her father... no such thing as coincidence folks, only synchronicity, and that Is God Speaking.

Robin was given the choice of overdose or suicide. I found this out when I asked Robin why he didn't take the easy way out and O.D, he clearly explained that he had worked too hard in his lifetime to break so many chains of addiction, there was no way he would go down in history as a "drug addict".

Suicide was his only option... unless he wanted to live in fear, not so much for his own life, but for the lives of those he Loved. When a celebrity has children they are far more vulnerable and therefore more easily manipulated as threats are made regularly, especially calling for the death of one's "first born".

Robin was petrified that they would hurt Zelda. Robin referred to his daughter as, "my girl with the funny face." 

Robin Loved his children immensely, but Robin carried a lonliness with him that never went away. He explained, that his search for a LovePartner had never manifested the way he had hoped.  Robin and his current wife were friends, partners to a degree, but passion was lacking, so was transparency. This was validated by the fact that Robin's wife at the time of his death stayed in a separate room on the otherside of the residence. In fact, she claims to have left the house that morning and never bothered to check on Robin before she left??? Who does that? I know she knows more than she is saying. I bet its fear and I believe Robin's guidance that she follows. But maintaining silence is the biggest part of the problem... Our silence and our fears are allowing evil people to continue murdering and profiting, business as usual. 

Once I told Robin how brave he was/Is. He is the bravest performer that I know. He was brave enough to be real with Us, the public, the fans. Real People are an inspiration. People subconsciously feel a genuine spirit and it feels good to be with or to watch that individual. Robin had that, the ability to truly inspire others. 

When I told him he was brave , he said no, I wasn't brave enough... I wasn't brave enough to even end my own life for the sake of those I Loved. Abigail, "I was a coward."  "I tried slitting my wrists, but the moment I saw all the blood, I got scared. I didn't want to die. I wasn't ready and I didn't want to make a mess.

I asked him , "then how did you manage to hang yourself?"  and he amswered, " I didn't... I called for what they call, an assisted suicide."  at that time i was given visuals in my head, and I cried for a long time. That was all the work I could do on Robin's case that day.

When I witness the "movie" (holographic images) it is the same as witnessing the real event. Prophetic work is emotionally very challenging. It is no different than what cops, detectives, first responders etc experience. Post traumatic spiritual distress is a real thing and those emotions have got to be rectified and cleared each day.

So the illuminati sent someone to make sure that Robin strangled/suffocated to death. It was a manipulated act, Robin's family and oldest daughter were directly threatened.

Robin knew for some time that he had been "marked". He was in the middle of writing Mrs Doubtfire Two when he supposedly took his own life. Anyone would have finished their project before exiting, especially as important as Mrs Doubtfire would surely be to Robin and his legacy. 

Bryan Lourd took Robin's second exit from CAA as a personal affront and a major offense. He was irate and he wanted revenge and retaliation.

I am shown clearly that these houses and representatives, like CAA, Sony, Warner et all have been allowed historically to keep life insurance policies on entertainers and celebrities. These policies are often well into hundreds of millions of dollars, Making Stars Worth More Dead Than Alive.

Brian Lourd and CAA had a policy on Robin Williams. This was their way of getting paid back

And there was no way Bryan was going to let Robin make Mrs Doubtfire while with WME.

(ASK GOD if this isn't true)

Robin Williams was murdered. JPROJECT/J4P won't stop until we PROVE it.

Please support this movement. We won't stop until Truth and Justice is established for every martyr, political, medical, innovators, journalists, prophets, artists and the like... anyone killed 4 speaking out.


FierceLove & GodBless

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